Harnessing Technology for a Sustainable Future

Uniting Innovation and Nature

Vanya is at the forefront of climate technology, using advanced AI and blockchain to empower carbon sequestration efforts worldwide.
We're passionate about turning the tide on climate change and believe in the power of technology to achieve this monumental task.

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A Journey Towards Sustainable Change

From Vision to Impact

Founded with the vision of integrating technology with nature-based solutions, Vanya has grown into a leading force in climate tech. Our journey is fueled by the desire to create a sustainable future and the belief that every individual and organization can contribute to this mission.

A Collective Force for Change

Meet the Innovators Behind Vanya


Runjesh Bargal

Sales and Operations


Amit Holkar

Sales and Marketing


Aishwarya Holkar

Tech and Operations

The Essence of Mother Earth

A Name Rooted in Nature

In India, 'Vanya' signifies 'wilderness' or 'forest', embodying our dedication to nature-based solutions. It represents our commitment to harnessing the power of nature in mitigating climate change and our respect for the invaluable role of natural ecosystems.

Renewable Energy Revolution now

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